About Us - Our Philosophy

Broadened Horizons develops and delivers unique, innovative solutions empowering those with upper extremity physical mobility limitations with tools to break down barriers and lead fulfilling lives as equals within society. Our solutions not only enrich the lives of those directly served, but through them, the lives of their families, friends, and communities.

As a founding member of the Inclusive Alliance, we believe strong communities are created by valuing the talents of all members and encouraging all members to contribute those talents to the best of their abilities!

Broadened Horizons' solutions take two forms: developing new, universally functional versions of existing products, and developing solutions to expand the functional usefulness of existing products to more people. Within this context, we focus on products that enhance personal independence through access to communications, transportation, education, employment, and recreation. We believe these areas have the greatest potential impact to enhance quality of life by reducing both the real and perceived limitations of those we serve; or in other words, broadening their horizons.

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Worldwide Retailer of Broadened Horizons Products

Inspire - Motivate - Educate Bucket List Experiences


Advocacy for Community Inclusion and Equal Opportunity for All - focus on restrictions of Mobility Impaired

Our Team


Inventory Coordinator

Natalie Quirk


Steve Colquitt

TBI, Former CEO National Ski Association

Strategic Accounts

Mark Felling - EE, MBA

Quadriplegic Electrical Engineer & Marketer, Patented Inventor, Masters Business Administration

President, Design Lead