Adaptive Gaming

Adaptive Gaming is about social integration and recreational inclusivity!

In 2008, before we created the first adaptive game controllers for all abilities and disabilities, advocates believed it was necessary to convince game designers to develop games that can be played with 1 joystick and 1 button. Our controllers support 100% of the games on 100% of the consoles EVER MADE!

We are proud that our controllers have spurred a whole new adaptive gaming industry. Our controls have been disassembled, reverse engineered and copied in varying degrees by various businesses, nonprofits, and even Microsoft (Read Article about how gaming is being used therapeutically with veterans, something we demonstrated in 2010). But the most important functionality has never been duplicated ... SIMPLICITY and EFFECTIVENESS.

Our Controllers map the Human Ability to the buttons the game designer intends you to push. Programming is as simple as pushing the button, winking your eye or twitching a finger, then pressing the button that the game designer intended such as R2 to fire the gun.

Ultimate Arcade 2, Headmaster, Versatility v4 Product Flyer r1117